Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Baby Buggy on the go pouch

I am such a sucker for the Special Edition Birchboxes! This is the "Baby Buggy On the Go Pouch" designed by Jenna Dewan-Tatum. First of all I love the zip up bag everything came in, I have a huge collection of random bags! Inside this super cute bag were 5 products, Yes to Blueberries cleansing facial wipes, Skinfix Diaper rash balm, hand sanitizer, Sienna Naturals body cream and Dr. Lipps nipple balm for lips. All just wonderful products that I'm excited to have and will fit great in the diaper bag for this mom on the go!

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Baby Girl is 3 Months Old!

I'm 3 months into mommy hood and having a blast! As much as the time is flying by, it's also going SUPER slow between the hours of 10pm and 6am.

At our last visit (8 weeks old) Reagan was 10lbs3oz and 21 3/4 inches, 4 whole pounds heavier than she was at birth, she's been growing like a weed!

At 3 months old Reagan loves to smile, chomp on her hands, "talk", hang out on her play mat and in her swing.

We still don't sleep well. She goes to bed around 8 and gives us a 3-4 hour stretch, after that it's every 2 hours, sometimes less, until morning (6:30-7am). Reagan refuses to take a bottle so all feedings are my responsibility, which is great but it would be nice if she'd take a bottle from her daddy a couple of times a night so this mama could get some more sleep. 

We are moving to Hawaii in July so we aren't in a hurry to get her sleeping in her room because we'll be room sharing for the first couple of months in Hawaii. 

Here's our sweet bundle of joy! We just love her to pieces!!

Monday, May 26, 2014


Once we found out we were pregnant I decided I wanted to go to Hawaii for my babymoon. We talked and talked about doing it but by the time we found the "right" weekend to go I was too far into my pregnancy to make the long ole flight across the ocean. I was super bummed but I also understand that going into labor over a large body of water isn't the best idea either. So we settled on Monterey. We could get there by car and the weather would be okay.

It was Valentine's Day weekend so most hotels were sold out but we found a nice place on Cannery Row and booked it. After stopping for breakfast we drove to Monterey Saturday morning, got checked in and settled into our room for a nice afternoon nap. Once we took our lovely naps we got ready for dinner. We ate a yummy restaurant with a stunning view.

The next morning I woke up early, picked up a delicious cinnamon roll, a cup of coffee and sat and enjoyed the view.

Hubby woke up and joined me out on the deck.
And then we drove 17 mile drive. How I had never done this before I do not know, but it was beautiful!

After our drive we had dinner at the pier. I had a yummy dessert trio!

And my sweet husband brought me chocolate covered strawberries, in bed. Yum!

This was officially our last trip before having our baby, we had her 9 days later. Way to cut it close! As much as I was sad about not going to Hawaii for our babymoon, Monterey was a nice weekend trip. We are actually moving to Hawaii in July so I'm really not too sad about not making it over there earlier this year!

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

March & April Birchbox

I'm embarrassed to admit how terrible I've been at opening my Birchbox since baby girl's arrival in February. I just opened my March & April boxes over the weekend, oopsie! 

March Box
English Laundry - No.7 for Her - I'm SO not a perfume girl, I really need to update my Birchbox profile.
DDF - Ultra Lite Oil-Free Moisturizing Dew - I've had extra dry skin since baby came, I'm looking forward to slathering this on.
Coola - Tinted Matte SPF 30 for Face - Who has time for make up when you've got an infant? This will be perfect to slather on before we go for walks, especially since it's supposed to be in the 90's this week.
Gilchrist & Soames - Body Lotion. Can not get enough lotion on my skin these days. I love having new samples to try out! And they fit great in the diaper bag!
Ojon - Restorative Hair Treatment - I think I should treat myself to a bath and hair treatment!
And no box is complete without a delicious food sample, Ghirardelli Cherry Tango Square, yum!

April Box
BeeKind - body lotion! I'm a huge fan. With all of the hand washing I'm doing these days its wonderful to have a nice lotion handy to use. I keep it next to the hand sanitizer and the diapers.
Anastasia Beverly Hills - Clear Brow Gel - How'd they know my brows had done to hell since baby girl arrived! I can't wait to slap this gel on to tame my unruly brows.
Davines - Oi Shampoo & conditioner - I received a Davines sample last year and loved their shampoo, so I really can't wait to try this sample!
Shea Terra Organics - Deep Pore Facial Cleanser, I just tossed out my empty bottle of face wash, can't wait to give this a try!
KIND Snacks - I've been living off of these since baby arrived. I keep a basket of them on my kitchen counter because I'm constantly starving. I received the Maple Pumpkin Seeds with Sea Salt bar, I'm excited to try a new flavor!

I just received 2 limited edition boxes, I'll have to write my reviews of those soon!

Until then, if you want a Birchbox subscription, sign up here!

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Birth Story

I had a pretty uneventful pregnancy leading up to my 36th week. My OB had been monitoring the placement of my placenta, as it had been pretty low my entire pregnancy. I had extra ultra sounds done at 31w3d and 36w1d to check my placental position. At 31w baby was measuring 6 days behind for gestation but there was no cause for concern as she was measuring within the standard “14 day window” doctors would like to see. In an abundance of caution my OB ordered a follow up ultra sound for 36w to check my placenta again so we’d have a good idea on my hemorrhage risk. I had my ultra sound done at the office by my house and then drove to my doctors 15 minutes away. My “routine” ultrasound turned into a 40-minute session with the tech sending my results to the on call OB right away. The OB then called and left a message for my OB and instructed me to go straight to my 36w check up.  I called my husband on my way to see my OB just to let him know something was clearly wrong and to keep his phone on because I wasn’t sure what would happen at my appointment. When I arrived at my appointment I was taken back to a different exam room and the medical assistant drug the portable ultra sound machine behind her. I then undressed for my 36w GBS swab and sat and waited for my doctor, my appointment time came and went (10:45am), my OB finally came in at 11:25 and said “the baby is measuring small, I’m not going to examine you today because I need you to go over to labor and delivery and get checked out.” She had seen my ultra sound results, baby girl was measuring 21 days behind, she called and spoke with the doc in labor and delivery & he was expecting me. 

My OB offered to walk me over to the hospital (the medical offices are connected to the hospital, its so convenient!) but I said no I was fine and knew how to get there. (Thank goodness my husband & I had taken the late pregnancy class & hospital tour just 2 weeks earlier). I started walking over & called my husband. He answered right away & I let him know I was on my way to L&D and that there was a chance I wasn’t going home without a baby. He dropped everything he was going and came right away (was by my side in 20 minutes.) All I could think was “crap I haven’t packed my bag, the car seat isn’t in the car & my cell phone battery is dying. Ugh!" I knew that baby was okay in the sense that I had just heard her heart beat and could feel her moving, so I was confident that this was a bit of a hiccup but that all would be okay because honestly as long as my baby was alive that’s all I cared about, plus I was in the hospital so if anything happened they would be able to take care of me no problem. I arrived to L&D, was checked in & taken to the triage room for a NST. Baby girl was super active & looked excellent! The admissions lady paid me a visit (since I hadn’t finished my pre-admission yet either)... and then like a knight in shining armor my husband was by my side. He arrived, as my NST was finishing up & just in time for the doctor to come & talk to us. The doc said the following: ‘baby looks great but we are concerned about her size. I’m going to allow you to go home this afternoon & will be consulting with the high-risk doctors this afternoon. Expect a call from me by 7pm and we’ll have a plan on how your pregnancy will continue.’ My husband went back to work & I went home (this all happened before noon) what a day! 

The doc called me at 2 and said after consulting with the high risk doctors they determined that 1 of 2 things was going on, 1)I had a baby who was SGA, small for gestational age based on genetics or 2) a intrauterine growth restricted  (IUGR) baby which meant that something wasn’t working correctly (the placenta, cord, etc.) Since there is no way to determine what was causing baby to measure small the medical recommendations are to induce at 38w, but since my baby was measuring in less than the 5% the guidelines were to induce at 37w (6 days from then). Woah! I had convinced myself that baby girl being my first would come at the average 41w3.5d so to hear that she would be here at 37w was mind blowing. I followed up with a Non Stress Test (NST) on Friday and was on track for a Tuesday induction. Our original birth plan was to not tell anyone we were in labor but since things had drastically changed we decided to tell our parents & siblings. We spent the next 6 nights going out on dates including the night before induction, which was 4 years to the day that I met my husband. We went to the bar/restaurant we met at and enjoyed our “last supper” before becoming parents. As my induction date approached I felt my anxiety rising up, up, up and me just wanting to shut down, down, down. My husband was able to go visit his grandma & parents the Saturday before we had baby & I spent the day with my family. It was all very nice.

Monday night we tossed and turned & I got up earlier than the alarm... I called L&D at 6:45am as instructed by the doc & they said to come in “any time” to get induction started. We showered, did our last few things around the house, ate a big breakfast & headed to the hospital. We arrived a few minutes after 8 and got started. I was taken to my room ahead of my husband so the nurses could ask me if I was safe at home, etc. I got into my gown, climbed into bed, answered a million questions & immediately began to dislike my nurse, ugh! We went over my birth plan, which was modified from going into labor naturally, laboring at home as long as possible, to “have a healthy baby.”  My nurse started my IV (heplock) in my dominant hand & it was super low on my wrist. It hurt and I was annoyed, she said it was best to have it on my left (that’s where all of the monitors were etc) <I think it was a personal preference of hers> - Ultimately I had a different nurse come in and move my IV to my right hand, it was SO much better on the right side and was worth the second prick to get it out of my left hand. The nurse that moved my IV for me said she was working the day shift Wednesday (I really liked her & figured this was her way of letting me know I could have her the next day if I wanted to).

The midwife came in and gave me my first cervical exam (I had not had one my entire pregnancy) – I was 0cm dilated and 50% effaced. The first plan to get this labor going was to start on misoprostol (miso), it’s an oral tablet, I can take 1 every 4 hours for up to 24 hours depending on how my uterus reacts & how well baby does. Miso’s job is to soften up the cervix and get my body ready for labor, but a major side effect is contractions. If there were more than 12 contractions in 1 hour they’d need to reassess if I could have another dose or not. Upon taking the first dose (10am) I was on the monitors for 30-45 minutes (along with some fluids) and then was able to get off and move around for 1 hour, then on the monitors for 20-30 minutes and off for 1 hour. At 2:30 I was given my second dose and repeated the above process... at 7 they decided not to give me a 3rd dose as I was having too many contractions. The midwife checked me again & I was now 1.5cm dilated and 75% effaced.  The said the next step was to insert a Foley balloon to manually open my cervix.

At 7:50pm this was done, the Foley went in, and the two balloons were inflated with 80cc of fluid each. The Foley would stay in until I got to 4-5cm or 12 hours, whichever came first.  This is when I had my first, “sh*t just got real” moment because once that thing was in I was SUPER uncomfortable. All I really wanted to do was sit on the toilet, it actually provided me with quite a bit of relief & I felt like I really had to poop. Fred heated my rice packs for me and we put them on my back and my lower abdomen. I also did the “slow dance” pose with my husband where I threw my arms around his neck and he had his hands on my hips applying counter pressure. I buried my face into his shoulder/chest and did a lot of yoga/Pilates breathing. Both of these things helped greatly. I’d say my pain level was at a 6 and then would increase to a 10 and go back to a 6 but I was never felt relief. Somewhere between 9-10pm I was given a shot of morphine & Phenergan. I got into bed & tried to get some rest. I felt stoned from the shot & sleepy from the Phenergan but every time I dosed off I startled awake from the pain. It was no fun! At 11:30pm I decided to get out of bed and go sit on the potty. I just sat there for a while feeling super uncomfortable, so I decided I was going to go for a walk and look for my nurse, after all I didn’t want to use my call button and wake up my husband (what was I thinking?) – so I grabbed my IV pole and hit the hallway. My doc was coming around the corner and saw me and my nurse came over from the nurses station and they were both like, “hey what’s going on?” To which I replied, “I’m not feeling so good and the pain meds aren’t helping.” My doc said it might be a good idea to think about getting an epidural that way I could rest through the night. I was totally on board! They paged the anesthesiologist (a certified nurse anesthetist). She was there pretty quickly & we got started on my epidural. (She had come to my room hours earlier to go over the risks/benefits of epidurals should I decide to have one so we didn’t have to talk about it when the time came). I woke up my husband  & we got started on the epidural. I sat “indian style” (I don’t know another term for it and in no way am trying to be offensive), I dropped my shoulders, chin to chest, pushed out my back and leaned into my husband... 40 minutes later, lots of blood and no epidural, the CNA paged the anesthesiologist and he came up to place my epidural. It took him a while also...1 hour, 2 anesthesiologists and 5 pricks later I had relief! I went to sleep, my husband went back to sleep & the nurses continued to monitor me. I was SO numb I asked them to turn down my epi but they said I should just go with it and get some sleep. That I did! The next morning, 7:50am, the doc came in, checked me (I was at a 5!!) and removed the Foley. At 8am I got the nurse I requested (wahoo!) and she started me on Pitocin. The first dose was 2 blah blahs of blah blah. They could increase it every 30 minutes until we achieved a regular pattern of contractions.. (I don’t know the concentration/dosing but she said they could ultimately take it up to 20.)  The doctors did shift change at 8 and the new team came in before 9 to discuss how we’d continue to work my labor/get the baby out. They said breaking my water was something that might happen later if we were having trouble getting me to progress. Baby girl didn’t handle the Pitocin well, every time it was turned up she tanked. I ended up being on oxygen for a while & lots of fluids. The ultimately found a happy medium (never got me above a 6) but decided that it was probably a good idea to break my water & get the internal monitor in so they could get a good grasp on what kind of contractions I was having. At 4:45pm my water was broken, the monitor went in & we waited some more. The doc said to expect 1cm/hour and we’d have a baby by the end of the night/early morning. My husband & I decided it was a good time for a nap since it sounded like we were in for a late night. My nurse picked up 4 hours of OT and ended up staying with me until 7pm when my new nurse came on. New nurse started & asked how I was feeling, I said I was feeling a lot of pressure so she checked me and I was at a 10! The midwife came in (she was back on shift from 8pm-8am after having worked 8am-8pm on Tuesday) she agreed I was at a 10 and that I needed to sit up to try to get baby into a better position. They sat me up & I woke up DH & told him it was almost go time. I was instantly terrified that it was time. I was trying super hard not to freak out but I knew that the pushing process could take a while and wasn’t sure I was up for it. My husband started to pick up our room (knowing we would be moved to recovery 2 hours after delivery) and went into the bathroom to brush his teeth (wtf?) .... while he was in the bathroom the tech came in set up the equipment, the midwife came in threw my legs up in the stirrups and had me start on practice pushes. I was like “husband its go time hurry up” he came out of the bathroom to a full potty shot was surprised at how fast they were moving. I started pushing at 9:45 and by 10:20 baby was on my chest. We all agreed at the moment of birth that baby girl definitely was not an IUGR baby and that the ultra sound estimate was off by almost 2 full pounds. (They told me she’d be 4 ½ pounds). At some point between contractions the OB came in & basically said if I didn’t work hard to push her out that he was going to have to “help me along” or potentially have a C-section. I’m still not sure what the point of him stopping by was as I hadn’t been pushing for very long and baby was doing well. It was annoying to say the least! We brought an oil to use during birth & asked the midwife to use to help massage/stretch my perineum, it instead of mineral oil, which she did. I’m happy to report that I did not “tear” I merely had “road rash” and really it’s only in one spot that kinda bothers me but recovery has been SO much easier than I expected.

We were able to go home on Friday but after our newborn check up on Saturday were readmitted to the mom and baby unit because baby girl was jaundice. After 24 hours in mom & baby with some serious pumping (every 3 hours) plus supplementing with formula baby’s bilirubin dropped from 15 to 7 and we were able to go home. We had 2 weight checks our first week and she was still a little behind.

Overall, I really wanted as natural as possible birth but that just wasn’t in the cards for us when we found out there might be a problem with baby’s size. I had so many more interventions then I ever imagined and the best possible outcome, a healthy baby! Our hearts are over flowing with love & life has never been so good!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Freezer Meal Prepping

During my 3rd trimester I became obsessed with the idea of filling my freezer with meals we could make after we had baby girl. I scoured Pinterest and the internet in General for freezer meal ideas and after several hours of research (over several late pregnancy insomnia nights) I found my recipes, printed them out, made a master shopping list and asked my mom to come help me put the meals together. I found most of my recipes at Once A Month Meals.com, Loving My Nest.com and then used a few of my own regular recipes.

We made the following meals:
-Chicken Enchiladas (5)
-Lasagna (4)
-Baked Pasta (4)
-BBQ Pulled Pork
-Pork Carnitas
-Apple Pork Roast
-Pork & Veggies
-Beef Stew (3 different recipes)
-Bean Stew
-Chili (2)
-Chicken Taco Soup
-Chicken Tortilla Soup
-Italian Chicken
-Teriyaki Honey Chicken
-3 Bean Taco Soup
-Salsa Chicken

After I printed all of the recipes I made an excel sheet of the ingredients each recipe required sorted by main ingredient, spices, veggies and liquids. I then checked my cupboards, drawers and refrigerator to see what of the ingredients I already had. I had a lot of the spices and condiments (honey, parsley, soy sauce, garlic, broth, etc.) Once I knew what I had on hand versus what I needed I made my master shopping list, one for bulk items I would get at Costco and the other for smaller items I'd pick up at the grocery store. I did my Costco run on Wednesday, grocery store run Thursday and put the meals together with my mom on Friday.

Before my mom came on Friday I pre-chopped the veggies, cooked the chicken for the enchiladas, made homemade pasta sauce for the lasagna & baked pasta, assembled and froze those meals & labeled my gallon zip lock bags with the name of the meal & how to cook it along with a copy of the recipe.

Here are my disposable baking dishes, labeled freezer bags and recipes.

This is part of my Costco haul. I bought way too many potatoes and ended up giving them away to my mom, sister and aunt because there was no way I would be able to use them all before they went bad.

Here we are assembling our meals. It went so much easier than I expected especially since I kind of stretched it out into a 2-3 day prep (I was too pregnant and tired to do it all in one day.)

Here is my outdoor freezer full of meals, I also filled my freezer in the house and had to send my mom home with 2 meals because I didn't have room for it all! Ha!

Overall, we made 29 meals, with only 4 of them being repeats (the lasagna, baked pasta, chili and enchiladas). I did the math and we spent $10/meal but each meal made 5-6 servings (so at least enough for seconds at dinner and leftovers for lunch). With that being said we came out to $3-5/meal, pretty amazing if you ask me!

I'm 4 weeks postpartum now and we've mad it through half of the meals. We are really enjoying having home cooked delicious meals almost every night (we do left overs twice a week and have gone out to lunch a handful of times since baby girls arrival).

I think once my freezer empties out a little more I'll have my mom over to make some more meals only this time we won't make so many different meals and will focus on making multiples of the meals we really liked (like the enchiladas).

Saturday, March 8, 2014

February Birchbox

Here's my February BirchBox. This month Birchbox teamed up with US Weekly to come up with a red carpet themed box of goodies.

Bain de Terre Shampoo & Conditioner - My shampoo leaked in my box so i emailed them and they sent me a new bottle of it! Super great customer service!
Caudalie - Morning eye rescue cream. Now that I have a newborn I'll definitely need to use this!
OPI - Sheer Tints in "I Can Teal You Like Me"
Harney & Sons Fine Teas, two flavors

I'm pretty excited to give all of these a try! 

And remember if you'd like to sign up for Birchbox you can do so by clicking here.

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