Friday, May 18, 2012

A Rustic Forest Wedding

I'm getting married in the forest in the mountains and I'm going to have a rustic wedding. Our wedding venue has so much history and charm it's amazing. We really want to embrace all that our venue has to offer with its natural elements, history, architecture and just have a rustic wedding. I don't know how I stumbled upon and fell in love with the idea of the mason jar but it happened some time last year and my love for all things mason jar hasn't stopped since then. 
(Personal Photo)
The rubber stamp that started it all. (Note the pretty purple paper used for the background to take the photo, yes I love the paper.)

(Personal Photo)
As a hanging lantern on our wedding invitation's.

(Personal Photo)
On the water bottle labels.

(Personal Photo)
The water bottles.

(My own graphic)
To go on the custom soaps in the welcome bags.
(Personal Photo)
And on the welcome tags!

Of course I'll have mason jar's at our wedding as well, but I'm loving just how many time's I've been able to use incorporate them now during the planning phase. 

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